Grade 6


The Feeling of My Home

The Feeling of my Home

Home, we all should have a place to call home.
But that isn’t the case for some people.
Home is a place where we all belong and grow up in.
In my home I have different feelings like that I am loved, I am safe, I am calm, and I am happy.
In the springtime and when my window is open, I smell the fresh air of rain and grass.
I smell the food cooking in my home.
Be grateful you have food because some people don’t have any.
I hear nature when I am in my yard, and I hear music inside my house.
The water jug in the kitchen.
Be grateful for the clean water you have some people have to drink water that can get them really sick.
You should be GRATEFUL for all of the things you have because some people in the world don’t have a place to call home food or clean water to drink.
Thank you for reading my writing about home!