Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The feeling of home

Home. Home is amazing, like a miracle. I love my house, I bet you do too. Unless you don’t have one. Which we are trying to do. My home is not just a house, it’s a place where there’s love and family. When I step in the door, I feel HOME. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If we all work together, we can make someone’s life better. It’s up to me and you to share love, family, and the feeling of home. The home you receive could be anything you want, including your own. A house or a home whatever you call it, is a place where me, you and our family to, live, laugh, and love. Let’s all work together to give millions of people a home like ours and lift chill’s off there shoulder’s. Just by writing I am donating $10 so I encourage you to submit an essay or poem to habitat for humanity. I hope this touches your heart and spreads the word.