Grade 4


The Feeling of Home

The Feeling of Home

The feeling of home to me Is warmth and love.
It’s a place of pride and of joy
Home to me is everything

My home is full of hugs and kisses
Sometimes there is joy, and sometimes there is sorrow.
Home is a place to cuddle
Your house may not look very nice But trust me once your family gets in the there’ much more than meets the eye
Home good place to learn
Home is where you make memories
It’s where it holds all my toys
Home is freedom
Wish for every human being to have shelter on this planet
And to have a bed to sleep in
Home Is like a fluffy white cloud

My home is where I live
Where I am my home is Where you can cuddle your pets
Home is a place for eating
For cuddles
Home is a place to protect me and you
I’m am thankful for my home

That is the feeling of home to me.