Grade 4


The Feeling of Home

A feeling of comfort
following you as you walk
through your home.

Walls surrounded with
love and joy as you live
and laugh in your home.

A door filled with security as you feel
safe in your home.

A roof to close out
the things that you might
not want to know,
while you are inside your home.

Home is life a safe place
No matter how you like your
home to be.

Home is like a dark cool cave
to a bear,
a rough waring down tree to a bird,
or the squishy living room couch
to a dog.

Home is like an ocean or sea
to a whale,
a nice flowing river,
to salmon,

or maybe the chest in a warm tank
to a goldfish.

Home is like a nice warm hug,
keeping you safe.
I love that warm hug,
I really do!

I love my home.

By Destiny