Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

The Feeling of Home

The feeling of home.

Home is a place where you live, a place where you have all your memories, a place where you have love and fun.
Whenever you step through the door of your home, you feel safe and cozy with no fear around you.

Sometimes you will feel hurt or mad but whenever you get home, your feelings calms down and you forget the things that have happened.

Home is a place where you eat, where you sleep, where you have love, where you invite friends and have fun but imagine people not having the things you have, how do you think they will feel, they feel alone not having friends and they might not have a cozy bed to sleep on, they might not have any delicious food to eat that you have.

We need to help the homeless people and make their feelings ours so they don’t need to leave somewhere, so they don’t need to live in shelters or other places that are dangerous.

We help the homeless people by raising money and giving them to people that don’t have homes or food and we help them by building lovely homes for them to live in, we help them by working and giving taxes for people to live because we don’t want anyone to be homeless.