Grade 6


The Feeling Of Home

A home is where everything is. It’s where my family is and where there’s food and water.

It’s where I have shelter and protection from everything that goes on outside. My house keeps me warm when it’s cold outside. It also keeps me cool when it’s hot outside. I could just go into my basement and build in my Lego city. Right now, the only way to go is up. If I don’t want to build, I could just go play ball hockey or basketball or even go and try swinging from bar to bar on my dad’s weight rack sitting eight feet above the ground. If none of those are appealing to me, I just go upstairs and play video games and try to win more trophies on Formula One or just go to my room and read. Sometimes I could just be doing all these things for hours and hours and not think at all about anything else. I have my aunts, my uncles and my cousins that all live near me so I could walk over to their house to play with them. The land that my family and I live on seems special because my family has lived on this land for over a hundred years. To me, this is everything that home means to me. There’s nothing else that would make me feel more at home than my home, not even a hotel would make me feel like I’m at home. And just like in my Lego city, there is only one way that we can go. And that’s UP.