Grade 6


The Feeling in a Home

A house is what I live in. A home is waht I feel inside. My mom is there to help me, my dad is there to teach me, my desk is where I express myself.

Downstairs is where I play. Upstairs is where I lay. In the pool outside is where I relax. in my bed is where I chillax.

All the forts, all the fun, all the cool that can be done. In my home my friends are free, in my home they would like to be.

A home is where I’m not alone. A home is where you love and play. In my home there are feelings to share, in my home we love and care.

My couch is where I read, my bed is where I sleep. In a home you have family snuggles.

In my home there is space, in my home people think It’s a good place. When you’re sad there is always someone to help cheer you up, but It would be hard to be sad in a home like this.

In a home you’re happy, extraordinary, having fun and maybe even celebrating someone or something. But the coolest part about home is that I’m free to be myself.