Grade 4

British Columbia

The Endless Possibilities of a Home

A home is a place full of powerful love.

Four walls and a roof might mean something
To you, but for some people it means way more than it does to you

Memories and family, some love and a friend, a home
can mean more than love by itself.

So powerful, so comforting, so many memories to come,
a home is a place you’ll always be loved.

Home is a place you’ll always be warm.
You can always trust your home when you’re indoors.

A home is built with so much care,
Family and love become the heart in the home

Home is a place where memories are stored ,
Problems are fixed that are soon to be gone

Each wall and the roof listen to the stories,
Amazing history, each different from the last.

When you get home from school, your mom’s on the porch,
She takes your bag in then gives you a hug.

And then you just think, I’m so lucky to live in this beautiful place.