Grade 6

Moose Jaw

The Difference Between a House and Home

In my home, alone I will watch a movie, or other nights I’ll buy myself a smoothie.
But that’s not what home is about, it’s the way I walk through the door safely without a doubt.
When I’m back from school I get gaven a greet, and then go home for something good to eat.
My parents will make sure I’m okay when I’m sore.
My family is in my heart, not the shallow the core.
After a long day I will slam my door, feeling cold, dark, angry and some more.
Wishing my friends were here because I am all alone but then dad comes in offering an ice-cream cone!
Feeling sad, still waiting for the phone.
Then my cousin invites me over, all on her own!
I head over there driving in the Ford.
When I arrive We attempt the Ouija board.
After, we play with a plastic sword.
Which sometimes I’ve kind of adored.
When my auntie drops me off at my house, I enter seeing my brother watching Mickey Mouse.