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The Difference Between A House, and A Home

The Difference Between A House, And A Home

Let me get started on important and incredible a home can be. If you’re hurt, either physically, emotionally or verbally, your family will comfort you no matter what. It doesn’t have to be a family member, it can be a friend, teacher, or even a stranger! But you must be thinking, how does that have to do with a home? See, you might be thinking of a house, a house is a building with furniture stored inside it. But a home is different, a home is love, warmth, joy, acceptance, and I could go on and on. But the key to a home is family, love, and comfort.
Sometimes, home for some people can just be by ourselves, and having our own space. I find having my own space very relaxing and safe. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy being with my family, I do, but having my own space would be my option. Maybe you like being by yourself as well, or maybe you like having your family around you. Either way, its home, if you feel safe and comfortable. I don’t want to make you confused, so let me explain carefully to clear anything that isn’t making sense.
“Well, what if I live alone?”, you live alone, you still got a home. Whether if it’s a pet, neighbour, friend, relationships or a family member out of town? That’s home. “What if my parents hate me?”, your parents are your parents, you still have tons of people who care about you. Not all the love that you need is in your parents’ comfort. Like I said earlier, whether if it’s a pet, neighbour, best friend, and so on, you have the comfort you need.
Now, having a house is fine, but a home is much more valuable. This might seem to have a little magic vibe to it so bear with me. You know how I said earlier that the key to a home is love or family? Well, if you add that power and transfer it in a house, there’s a big difference between a home, and a house. You fill the building with joy, acceptance, laughter, smiles, rather than beds, furniture, lamps, tables, and chairs. You have a powerful home, you really do. But the cool thing is, you don’t realise that you have a home. Where ever you are, you HAVE a home. Home is where you find your comfortable space, where you don’t feel pressured. When you’re with friends, family, animals, teachers or by yourself, music (my favourite kind of music is K-POP). That Is Home.

-Lily Relucio (@ ^ ~ ^ @) =3