Grade 4


The Diary of Home

The Diary of Home
Where I belong

Home is more than a home. It is where I can stay. Love has no limits. Where I can grow, laugh and dream for sure. I am grateful that I have a family.

A home is like a lucky smell. The good smell in my house from warm food. Makes you want to run as fast as you can to eat the delicious treats. No one can stand alone. On the list of words that makes you clam, the one that comes first is “mom”.

A home is a place to be sick and heathy. A home is a place to be poor and wealthy. I can see the clouds covering the sun because they want to play hide-and-seek. Something that you can feel is a joy all around you to protect you from making you heartbroken. I can hear my brother play the harmonica while my dog trying to be a famous celebrity A home is your kingdom. Your place. Your heaven.