Grade 6


The Deeper Meaning Of A Home

A home is something so special, it is indescribable. It is not about the structure or the place or the house, but it is about feelings and important things like being with the people you love and great experiences and memories. A home should make you feel safe, loved, and special. You should enjoy your time in it, and you should always be positive and grateful about it. A house is just a place, it is empty, cold, and dark. A house makes you feel insecure, even like you all alone. Though a home is much different, you feel safe and warm, it is bright and fun with everyone you love. A home means so much, with support, security, and lots and lots of love. It is a place that helps you through the bad times and supports you in the good, and you could never feel as good anywhere, as in your home. It is a loving place with laughter and joy, with food, water, and a good roof, of course. Your home is where you belong, not belonging in the building, but all the emotions, family and much, much more. A home has creativity flowing and niceness and generosity showing. So, you see a home is not about the price or the location or even the furniture, but it is about emotion, feelings, and great memories. A home is not a certain building, a home is where you make it. You might not be as grateful as you should be because you don’t know how much you love something until you lose it. So remember that a house has nothing, but a home has everything.