Grade 6


The Cozy Home

The Cozy Home

In Oakbank you will see a bunch of houses and businesses. There is one bungalow that sticks out though. Inside is a place where people are loved. They laugh, cry, they’re happy or sad.

There is nothing better than walking in that door after a hard day at work and smelling the welcoming scent of that home. The living room is the most comforting room that hosts the big things like Christmas or Birthday Parties. Or the room where you enjoy the small things like sitting in your favourite corner of the couch. No matter what, the living room is always filled with joy and excitement.

From the living room walk straight and take a left. Then you see the kitchen. The kitchen is a fantastic place. Once you waltz in the kitchen you are trapped in there smelling your delightful dinner cooking on the stove. Your senses going crazy. That kitchen is so glorious, that when you sit down at the kitchen table your brain starts to calm down from thinking about food all day.

Lastly, the most magical place in that house, the bedroom. It is almost like a wizard put a spell that makes dreams come true in there. Even if one dream doesn’t come true; you always know another one will.

Now you know, that Bungalow that sticks out in Oakbank, is not just a house it is a home. And that home is my home, and will always be my home.