Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Comfort of a HOME and the Shelter of a HOUSE

My Home is a place where my family and I, sit at the table to eat and enjoy.
My Home is a place most dearest to me, it makes me so heartbroken to see our kinsmen without these necessities.
Ina Home, there may be lots of love,
In a Home there may be endless memories.

A House A place to stay,
A place to play’
A place to call Home,
A place where you come Home,
A shield from the weather,
A place where you don’t run helter skelter in fright,
But this is not all that defines a house.

A Home is a place where you perform good deeds, Home a place where you don’t say the 4-lettered word need.
Home is a place where friendly discutions happen,
Home is where small fights between me and my brother happen but we always make up with each other.

A House is a place where fresh water and electricity should be present,
It is strange to see that we take these things for granted.
A House is a box with a few walls, a roof, and a floor, A House is a place where keepsakes are stored.
My Home is a place where:
I smell my mother’s very delicious chicken,
Where I taste my favorite foods,
Where I hear my brothers constant yakking and laughing,
Where I see my dad pulling up to our driveway,
Where I touch the soft snow.

A House and a home are two different things:
Because, a Home can be animate and inanimate, family and and feelings, or patience and thoughts.
And a House is a shelter, shield or box, with furniture, and keepsakes stored within their walls.

That is the difference between a Home and a House.