Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Colors of Home!

The Colors of Home!
Red: Red is the color of my heart lifting when my family and I are together in our home.
Orange: Orange is the color of the sunset that we can see from our very beautiful view of St. John’s.
Yellow: Yellow is the color of butter that we use when we are baking cupcakes and cookies.
Green: Green is the color of the grass in my garden which I do cartwheels on.
Blue: Blue is the color of my rusty and old swing set that is barely standing. It has so many memories for me and my sister when we were little.
Purple: Purple is the color of purple daisies in my garden which remind me of home and my family.
Pink: Pink is my twin sisters favorite color therefore it is also one of my favorite colors because I love her with all my heart.
White: White is the color of my home. My home has so many happy, joyful and memorable memories.
Black: Black is the color of my driveway where my family and I play our favorite sport: BASKETBALL!

A house is a house but a home is where me and my family feel loved, safe, happy and joyful…….TOGETHER!