Grade 5


The Clay of the Heart

Your home does not have to be a place with a wall, a roof, chairs, or a table. Your home is place in your heart. It can be as big as a country, or as small as a memory. It can be physical, or just a state of mind. So go out, venture out – find your home. You will know when the right one has passed your gaze. You will know that this is the one you wish to name your own. If you cannot locate the dwelling, or the place you wish to name, try to sculpt the space you’re already in. It might not be beautiful. It might not even be appealing. But take it and sculpt it into something that you love. There are no rights or wrongs, ups or downs, lefts or rights. There’s only the sense of direction that comes from within. So close your eyes and try feel the clay before you, and mold it until you feel your heart inside.