Grade 6

Parry Sound

The Blood of the Home

A home is a home, it is a small place to stay warm and it is the place to stay when winter is here. Imagine it like a body, the kitchen is the stomach, the bedroom is the kidney, the living room is the liver, the exterior is the body parts, and the dining room is the heart. But what is blood? The red crimson-looking stuff that flows around the body? Well, the blood is YOU! You are the blood inside the magnificent home, you go all around the house, like the blood does, and you are what makes the home a “home”. It it is not alive, until you buy it. Pat yourself on the shoulder for being at home and for making it yours. So, you are at home and you love it, but there are thousands of people who do not have a home. They sit there in the cold without a place to keep warm and with COVID-19 around, they might even become ill without knowing it. Which is a problem, because the government is saying “stay at home” to homeless people. Their home is not a safe place, especially now.