Grade 6


The Blanket That’s Always There

Home: a word that means something a little different to everybody. Usually, this word means where someone lives, whether it’s a house, a condo, or an apartment. But when we look at the world, we can see that the difference of the word’s meaning really is enormous. Home can mean a house or a condo, but it can also mean a frequently-visited summer cabin or just a favourite spot in the park.

Home has countless different meanings, but for me, home is a blanket. It lovingly embraces me every time I arrive at the front steps of my house. It keeps me warm and safe. The blanket shields me from my fears and worries, letting me be who I want to be. It’s a blanket that keeps me comfortable unfailingly, through both sad and happy times, sheltering me both through both rain and shine.
And this wonderful blanket is always there, waiting for me after a long day, saving a spot for me underneath it every time I’m away. It’s always ready to surround me in its embrace, ready to fill me with warmth and affection.

My home is where I am safe, understood, loved, and where my happiness is created.

And when I’m away from home, it’s what gives me the strength to venture out and explore the world. Because I know that no matter how far I travel or how long I’m away, at the end of the day, the blanket, my home, is always there.