Grade 4


The Best Things About My Home

The best thing about my home is Family, my room, and our plants.
My family and I love to play board games, my mum and I win the most. I love when my mum cuddles me because it makes me cozy inside and on the outside. My family keeps me safe and helps me with everything.
I think that my room is the best room in my home because it has my collections, bed, and my clothing. It is warm and cozy, my collections are mostly rocks. I have black diamond, and a normal diamond, as well as a bunch of others.
Plants I have in my home and my favorite is the crouton. My mum brings it to bathroom so the plant can get some steam. My mum also talks to her plants and tells them how beautiful they are!
For all these reasons the best parts of my home are family, my room, and our plants.