Grade 6


The Best Thing

The best thing Jan 22/2018
It’s weird for me because home is the best, I love it, it’s hard to talk about the best thing ever because all you can talk about is how good it is. Well thinking about it, everything has its bumpy roads. Arguing, making people feel sad I hate it. But remember the happy times, the picnics, camping, going to your mom’s or dad’s work and telling his workers embarrassing things about them just all the happy times. A lot of people ask about home but the one I hear all the time is “what’s your favorite place in the house” I always say the living room where the tv is at, where all the laughter happens like “ha-ha, that was so funny, he-he” all those memories of that happening is amazing. I honestly feel bad for the people who don’t have this because, family means so many things to me. I couldn’t imagine not being able to see a family and just see a dark hallway where you think nothing matters. To the people with family’s and are not with them and your reading this and you are with them I want you to go see them and go to them and give them a big hug because that’s what brings love to a family. Well love is a big word like a big word it means so many things. Maybe even as many things in this galaxy. While on the topic of love if you ask me this what’s better, saying, “I love you” on text or real life? I say real life because they will be able to say it in real life is so much better because it means you love them for real. I love my family as much as I love living on this earth but. sometimes I feel like a Smurf happy like a Smurf as loving as a Smurf and as funny as one. Without it I wouldn’t have anything inside me. I just hope we are always together to the very end. By Kaleb