Grade 5


The best place to be

Home doesn’t have to be your house. A home is where you feel comfortable, safe, cared for and loved. What home means to me is the fresh yummy ,soft, delectable baked cookies that my mom makes. Sometimes I think about what it would be like for some people that don’t have a home and how lucky I am to have a home. One thing I love about coming home is my dog and kitty coming to say “hello”. I like when they do this because it makes me feel special and depended on. My job is to make sure that the pets are always fed and that they have water. At home I always feel secure, Sometimes when i’m feeling stressed out or furious, I can always ask my mom for a hug and she will always give me one. When nobody is around, I can grab my favourite book, listen to music or colour in my room. These are some things that help me be in a better mood. When I am in my cozy, soft, warm bed, I feel happy but sort of sorry because some people don’t have a home. I’m happy to have a warm house, food on the table and a family that supports me and loves me and a seven year old brother that bugs me. I can always be myself when i’m at home and nobody will try to change me. My family accepts me the way I am. Home is the best place to be.