Grade 6


The Best Place To Be

A home is a safe place, a place where I can always see a happy face.
Home to me is more than just brick and wood. It represents family strength, the power of love and the presence of God who is spreading his wings over my family. I am grateful that when I get home from school or soccer practice there is always someone who welcomes me with a smile on their face. At all times I feel protected in my home either from the snow, heat or danger. Home to me is not just four walls, it’s where you dance, pray, laugh and eat meals with your family. After a long day at school, a weekend getaway or vacation trip, I can’t wait to get to my favourite, safest place on the planet, my home. When I think about my happy place in the house I think about the kitchen, because it is the most popular place for my family. We cook together, we bake together and play board games at the dining table, it’s like we don’t even need any other rooms. We just love to spend time with each other.