Grade 5


The Best Place To Be

A home is a place to live, a great home we can give,
Home is a place, where I am safe and sound,
I will always have a solid home, on the ground,
My home is a piece of art, which I cherish with all my heart,
A home is made with a roof, a home, a safety proof,
My home keeps me away, from the cold and heat,
My dreams come true, because I am always on my feet,
When we have a dream, love flows as a stream,
I am secure, because my home is truly pure,
A home is a caring space, full of kindness and grace,
At home I feel hope, never as if being pulled by a tight rope,
I am welcomed and included, never left out,
My thoughts roam freely, without a doubt,
At home I feel comfort, with my family,
Always feeling loved, very happily,
Home can be a place to make new friends,
A place to solve problems, by making amends,
My home is where I spend time, and will always feel divine,
At home I feel love, I fit in just like a glove,
I am grateful for my home, which is really a super dome,
My home is made for me, I hope that is always how it will be.