Grade 5

British Columbia

The best place to be

My home may not be a marvelous sight
But oh how it fits our family just right
My mother, my father, my brother too
Oh wonderful things together we do

My home does much more than store all the gear
It holds all the memories made each year
My home is a place where I can rock climb
No matter the weather, no matter the time
My home even has a wonderful tree
To climb and to swing and to feel so free

My home may not be the biggest or best
But it’s a warm and cozy place to rest
A place to think about all that I’ve learned
And reflect on all the pages I’ve turned

My home is a place to get lost in a tale
A place to let your imagination set sail
My home holds the books to take me away
To mythical places I dream of all day
My home is a place, a place of such wonder
To learn of ancient places and plunder

My home may not be the best on the block
But welcomed you are with drawings in chalk
A wonderful place, creative and free
With parents that let us be who we be

My home is a place to draw and to paint
A place to get messy without complaint
My home is a place to build a small nook
My own special place to read a good book
My home is a place to cook and to bake
A place to whip up some cookies or cake

My home is the very best place to be
And everyone deserves a home like me!