Grade 6


The Best Place Ever

Home is a place where you get welcomed everyday by your loving family, not being welcomed by some strangers. A home is when you feel protected and safe all of the time. A house is where you feel unprotected and you have to be aware of scary noises.
A home is where you make memories everyday and share them with a happy feeling to one another. Everyone that has a home should be thankful and not greedy because some people who have a house don’t experience the memories, happiness or the feeling of being safe and loved. Imagine having a house and waking up everyday with a felling that you are not safe and there is no one that cares to help you out. people that live in a house with other people may have some friends or family that care for you a bit, but they are more focused on trying to protect themselves and they are working hard to get a meal for that day. Home is different because you come home excited for a big meal that you or yours parents are cooking. You get to play with your family that cares for you and would do anything for you to be happy and safe.
When I see the less fortunate who doesn’t have a home, I feel very bad for them, but it gives me a chance to think about how grateful I am to have a lovely home.
I wish that one day more people donate and build homes for people who are not fortunate. or people who are in houses get a home so they would not be sad.
This is to spread awareness for people that don’t have homes.