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The Best Place Called Home

Home is a place where you learn to care and hug your family like a grizzly bear.
This place is common for firsts like making a fruit punch bottle burst.
Homeless people need something to eat and they need something on their feet.
I love home I’m sure you do too.
It’s a place where you can be you.
It’s hard and tough to always live in the rain.
I can’t even imagine feeling all that pain.
It’d be nice to have a pet to comfort you but some people don’t have someone to go back to.
My family is important to me, they always fill me with so much glee.
Home protects me from the rain and storm.
While I can stay in my home and be warm.
At home, you can invite boys and gals or you can make some brand new pals.
Home is where I eat and rest, without a doubt home is the best!