Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

The best of my home

Home is amazing.
You could even say it rocks!
With the warm nights in the summer,
To the cold nights in December,
Home will keep you warm.
Now you might think that,
We all live like that,
But some people live,
In a house full of fright,
And don’t get food,
Every single night.
Now I relate,
That we have homes,
To love every second of,
But some people don’t.
I have a farm,
And animals to see,
And cherishing that moment,
Would be my cup of tea.
People aren’t rich,
In streets and fields,
But some people are,
And don’t know how it feels.
Students like me,
Are making homes,
By just writing,
A few poems.
Some people are fortunate,
By getting homes from this site,
But others are still out there,
Living their cold, sad, nights.
I have a home,
And as my parents used to say,
Be grateful for your home,
Each and everyday!