Grade 4


The Best Home To Ever Exist

The Best Home To Ever Exist

For me the meaning of home is watching and playing with my dog Rio. That is why my house feels like home. Having a comfy bed, a roof over my head, a protective area to live in. Area to keep me warm, love, snuggling with my puppy. When we watch family movies with popcorn, and cuddle it makes me feel cheerful.

When I am in my house, protection from cold weather is daily and warm and it feels so good when I take a shower. In the morning when Rio comes to wake me up I wake up to eat then I play with him until I have to go. My things, making hot cocoa really makes my day better by a ton. Relaxing makes home feel like home because relaxing means you don’t have to do anything and you can just chill. Celebrations, playing with my toys all make it feel like home. I like going to the mahogany beach club during summer. I also like going on walks and bike rides with my unbelievably amazing family.

Home is also home when we celebrate holidays (e.g Christmas,Diwali, Halloween,Indian Independence Day,and Children’s Day.) On the weekends. I play with my dog Rio, and when he’s sleeping I find something to do until he wakes again, but when he gets too excited he starts biting, and barking then we put him in time out by holding him in our hands so he cannot escape.This is the meaning of my home, What is the meaning of your home?