Grade 5

British Columbia

The Best Home

Four walls and a roof don’t make a home. It’s the people who live inside it.

A home is a safe full of memories, a warm place for me and you, and it’s sad to say not all in the world have a home as I do.

A home is a place of freedom, where differences don’t matter, where you can be who you are.

A home is safe, where family and friends

Gather together, where hope never ends. Your home is your castle, your sanctuary, your warm little fire, that sparkles and shines, out doing any other

Where you can play, be creative! There’s no stopping what you can do

In a home of your own.

And if you’ve moved houses, then each one’s like a puzzle, each piece has a place in your heart.

You life and grow there, each home plays a part

For every new step that you learn on the way’s like a different sunrise, each and every day

And what makes a house a home, you may wonder and think?

The warm fire on cold snowy nights

The quilt on your bed that spurs you to greater heights

The glass eagle on your wall that might just take flight.

When you ride on that dragon, gliding through the sky

When you ride that horse through the wild countryside

When you see your toy dinosaurs magically come to life, watching them hatch through a big, crystal dome

Then you know, in your heart, that you’re home.