Grade 5


The beauty of a home

A sudden light blooms before my eyes
I watch the elegant blue skies.
The door is unlocked, with millions to see
with blessings awaiting from heaven, above me.
Thankful that this moment was given to me!

Delicious food that comes to my interest

And the loving family who continuously make me feel the richest

I stumble to an adventure
Where my heart goes into pleasure

My grandpa holds me tight,
until the end of the day,
which is night.
I stare at the beautiful plants, humans, creatures
Noticing all the pretty features

This home is where I feel free
together with my family

No worries to image,
nothing to doubt
in light of the fact that my home is what all I’m about

A home is what everyone deserves,
since life is unpredictable.
No matter what,
even if they are unacceptable.
We are all just human,
learning how to love and fight
so we should all have a place to sleep a good night.