Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

The Aura Of Home

Home is a wonderful place for me,
because my heart feels warm inside
when the familiar scent of home
reminds me of past times.

Home is where I spend time with loved ones,
laughing and cracking jokes,
but if I’m ever feeling down
the people who cheer me up are at home.

Friends and family are so reliable,
my parents’ cooking and advice is gold,
even if I’m having a bad day
my sister’s humour never gets old.
Whenever I experience a gloomy day,
my family’s acts brighten me up,
whether it’s summer, winter, fall,
or spring when thunderstorms struck.

Home is special to everyone,
a place you can always rely on
home is in our hearts,
and it should never, ever, be gone.

The walls of my home are full of memories,
putting a smile on my face
because our home was once just a house,
and a house is just an empty space.
A house turns into a home
when a family moves inside
now it’s not just a house,
it’s home, where loved ones reside.

Home sweet home,
it’s a phrase that’s unbelievably right
because having a roof over my head,
makes me grateful every night.

I’m writing this poem for kindness,
to raise money to build homes for the homeless,
because we all need a place to stay,
let’s write a poem and make a change today.
I’m writing this poem for kindness,
since everyone deserves a home,
a place of happiness and love,
a place they can call their own.