Grade 6

Brentwood bay
British Columbia

The 5 senses of my home

I feel happy most of the time when I’m at home. When I’m at home, my family is always with me.

As soon as I’m home after school, I have my after school snack. I always eat fruit roll-ups. It tastes like fruit. For dinner, I usually have cheese burgers with my fam. My mom makes them for me. They taste meaty and cheesy.

In my house, we have a few flowers, I smell the flowers as soon as I get inside. They smell sweet and refreshing. I also like the smell of hamburgers, They bring back memories of the time I spent with my family.

On my way home, I see birds. That makes me feel calm and relaxed. I feel safe at home, because my mom gives me the safety I need. My home is like a shelter to me which makes me feel comfortable.

The first person I see when I get home is my mom. I also see my 2 year old sister. There are two children in my family. Every time I look outside, I see construction workers renovating my home. I live in an apartment building.

I hear my sister playing in her room everyday, I also hear the noises that the construction workers make when they’re renovating my apartment. I also hear the sound of my video games. After my game, I usually get hyper, but it’s fun to play games.
In conclusion, home is special to me. It’s the place to be.