Grade 6


The 2 Sides of Home

He wakes up to the smell of smoke from cigarettes and the bright sunlight. He deeply sighs hoping that one day he’ll find somewhere safe and cozy to stay in instead of a broken box full of ripped newspapers keeping him warm. He gets up as he hears his stomach grumble. He sighed deeply. Even just a drop of water or even a crumb of bread would help him a lot.

She wakes up to her alarm clock ringing in her ears. She hit the off button and stretches her arms and legs. As she gets up and puts on her slippers she walked to her closet to get changes. After doing so in the bathroom, she brushes her teeth looking in the mirror then at her clothing.

He walks around the city barefoot with the freezing cold snow covering them. He shivers and hugs himself trying to keep himself from freezing up. People stare at him wondering why he is dressed so lightly. After all, he’s only wearing ripped rags and a dirty baseball cap.

Her father drives her siblings and herself to school in a warm and cozy car. She listens to music using her wireless headphones, looking down. She takes them off as soon as she arrived at the entrance. Both her siblings walk inside while she just stands there looking at the figure, shivering in the cold. She walks over, takes her jacket off and hands it to the guy in front of her.

Timidly, he thanks her as he puts on the jacket. He zips it up, closes his eyes for a moment and imagines the next opportunity to pay it forward…

“Black, white, gay, straight, he, she, they, them. We’re all the same with equal opportunity. But a random act of kindness always makes a difference.”

– Kianna Voluntad.