Grade 5

Cole Harbour
Nova Scotia

That’s Home

“That’s Home”
Where do you feel safe, feel welcome? No judgement, where the door never closes. Anywhere that is.. That’s your home. Home isn’t always a place where you lay your head at night. Home isn’t always where you eat everyday. It’s not always where your room is, it’s about feeling happiness with the people you enjoy being around. The place where you can be yourself. The place where love is always there, memories are created and your friends stand with you laughing. Home could be a place you enjoy, it’s not about where it is, how big it is. It’s really about how big the hearts are inside it. Where you’re surrounded by friends and family that would catch you when you fall and protect you, as you do the same, that’s home! A home isn’t just walls, beams and windows. Home is fulfilled with your dreams that will come through. Where you’ll always be loved!

In your home, you’ll have neighbors that will help you. A community that lends you a hand. A world where you can make a difference with just one word. A home that greets you when you arrive at it. A place that people and animals make you feel warm inside. Where you’re excited to get home, so you can taste your mom’s baked goods. A place where you and your friends watch tv day after day. There’s no right or wrong where you live, it’s about if you can goof around and then go take some alone time. Where you have privacy if you need it, or if you need to cry, your home will be there.

No other place is like home. You can have lots of homes, anywhere they can stand.

“An ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” – Maya Angelou