Grade 5


That Special Place

Home,a place where you can be yourself and a place where you feel loved and you feel like people care about you. A place where you have food on the table and a roof over your head. Your home has helped you grow that’s where your childhood memories are made, where you made your first friend. Even when you move from that house where all those memories happened you will still feel warm and fuzzy on the inside even when your not in the house just looking at it you would feel good inside. Your house is also one of the greatest places in the world. You will feel comfortable know matter what happens.Your house is and will always be one of the happiest places on earth for everyone, you had all your birthdays there and you celebrated all other holidays there to. We all know you love your home dearly along with the people and pets inside of it,that’s what makes a home, right?

In that little space with four walls that people like to call a home, dreams come true! Even the smallest things that happen you still feel thankful for because you know not everyone has the same as you because you know that some people don’t have enough of an object called money to have a place to stay, a place to rest their heads a place to eat a place to celebrate any sort of holiday. Those people won’t have the chance to call something “A home” or “i feel most comfortable in my home” the reason those people can’t say that is because it’s something they don’t have, it’s something they can’t talk about because the things they would say would be lies. But some but not all people help those people that don’t have a home, even the smallest things that you do can make a big difference in those peoples lives, it can even be as small as a five dollar donation to either a homeless person or doing something for someone and when you do that thing it will go towards a good cause. Before i end this, can i just say i respect those people so much, it must be terrifying having to sleep outside or either in a group home of some sort and you still don’t feel comfortable you have to be extremely brave to be able to do that. It must be so stressful not having a place to call your own. And for me being comfortable is one thing that makes a home a home!

I am aware that i am saying that being comfortable is a part of a home but what about having a home that you don’t feel safe in. that’s ten times as scary than anything i was talking about before hand! Especially when you don’t have the chance to move out of the “home” rather you don’t have enough money or your forced to stay there by someone. It’s not just scary it’s sad nobody should have to do that know matter what you have done as person! All i’m trying to get at is everybody needs a home so i hope this helps somebody in need of one.