Grade 5


That Feeling

When we are talking about home
I feel like making a poem.

Not about boats, but about emotes
Were talking all about emotions very good folks

When you are angry you think oh no i’m angry,
But when you are at home you don’t feel so cranky.

A home isn’t about comparing stuff,
But it’s about sharing the stuff.

When your never mad or never sad but,
You feel like pollyanna or very glad.

remember there’s people that live on the street
They have no family or friends and they never really get to eat.

I’ll read a story, then i’ll end the ride
We have another day tomorrow and we can’t pass by.

It’s time to go to bed, please don’t give a fight
were at home , so okay goodnight.

HOME is awesome because you can remember all the emotions you had in one and time. You can remember when you were mad or happy or sad.