Grade 5


That Feeling of Home

Home is where you have good times and bad, sometimes where you might feel sad.

If you feel lonely or maybe even mad, someone will always be there to make you glad.

Home is a place where you should believe in yourself, where your family cares for your health.

Home is where you have lots of fun, where you can look out to see the hot sun.

It can be where you quietly read a book, in your warm little nook.

Home is where you can just kick off your shoes and relax, where you might even get a bruise.

Home is where you hang your coat, maybe even write a little note.

Home is your secret base, a place where you don’t need to hide your face.

Home is where you run around and have fun on your street. It’s where you try your best and strive not to cheat.

Home is where your dreams come true, where people hold on tight to you!