Grade 5

British Columbia

Thank You

Thank You!

There are some people in South and Midwest of the United States that lost their homes because of tornadoes on January 11 and 12 2020. There are many people helping them and when I found out of this Charity of Habitat for Humanity. It reminded me about this program. I was told that this program was only supposed to be stories or poems, and it’s supposed to be about home. Well I just thought of writing about this because people lost their homes because of a tornado, it a little about home. There are some people helping them rebuild and making them homes, you guys and help update homes for people that don’t have as much as others. They’re kind of like you guys and girls. I find that very kind. I watched a movie not to long ago that was Wonder. The teacher asked the students would you rather be right or kind. I feel like I know your answer. Just by what you’re doing. I’m writing this to thank you for helping people that might not be able to afford real beds or even kitchen things for food. I want to thank you ( Habitat For Humanity) for what you’re doing. I know it’s not a story or poem but I need to tell you of what your doing and how kind it is.

Thank you for your kindness !