Grade 5

Mill Bay
British Columbia

Taking my Home – an elder’s perspective

One day white men came and took away my land
soft, but solid
plentiful too
They took it away from our tribe/band

They slaughtered all the animals
but only took the fur
They chopped down all the trees
maple, oak, and fir

After all that was done
they took away all the children’s fun

They put us in residential school
in clothes that made us itch
They also slapped us
(which made us want to pitch)

Some of them respect us deeply
like brothers and sisters
but some of them do it very weakly

Some of them feed us bad names
which filled us with shame

Nowadays some of them
like to dump their junk
in a great big lump

They are slowly destroying our land
which makes us ashamed
to call some of them my fellow man