Grade 6

Thunder Bay

Take me to a Home not a House

I think everyone should have a home, to feel welcomed and accepted by the people, so I wrote this composition of music.

Some people say a house is a home, but no house is a proper home. A home means a place to feel welcomed and loved a house is four walls and a roof. My house and home I have are to be thanked for all of care a warmth, though I hope the ten from this song, gives a family a window and a bed along with a home to make there own. To see what I mean you must see three: House, Home, and Family, to see these three I must tell what my home and house speak to me, I cherish and love my place in a house I say I will help by winning $25,000 big bucks to Thunder Bay Habitat for families. So please, my class is depending on me along with the Habitat that will win the 25 thousand.