Grade 6


Sweet home

Home is where you are loved and cared for and full of blessings.
Where you play with your family and pets.
Where you are welcomed and appreciated.
Something that puts a roof on the top and a floor on the bottom.
Somewhere that you get food in your stomach and you’re satisfied with it.
It is a place that you’re safe. No one says to leave.
Home is where you can sleep and wake up in a house instead of a dumpster or a box.
Home’s a place that holds memories and love.
Somewhere you show your feelings.
Home is a cool place where you can do stuff and have fun.
It’s where you can play with your friends and family.
Where you can drink water from a sink instead of a river where there is stuff that can make you sick and throw up and in some cases they can’t afford medicine.
Where you can be happy and live a good life.
Where you can be warm and cozy.
Where your family comes and hangs out with you and have family gatherings.