Grade 5


Sweet Home Alberta

My home is in Airdrie. It is a nice town but it can be very cold and with COVID-19 around you have to wear masks EVERYWHERE. Back to my house, my house has 3 people in it: myself, my sister, my mom, and also 2 hedgehogs, 1 dog, and 1 cat. That’s a lot in my opinion after school when I come home I always sit on the couch and watch the television but sometimes I come home and get greeted by my dog and give him a treat. Then I go upstairs and ask my mum how she is feeling and how her day was. If she says bad I say well I hope you feel better mum. Chase the dog around the house and play with him then pet the cat, pick her up and drop her on the couch. Then I watch some TV with the cat on my side laying down all snuggled up and sometimes I’ll even let my dog on the couch (don´t tell my mom).