Grade 4

British Columbia

Sweet home

Home is warm
It’s where we get up for the day.
It’s like you were getting cuddled up by a swarm,
there’s no other place to stay.
It’s the only place with your family,
and there’s so much food.
Plus in there it’s like a box of memories.
It’s a place for us,
and me and you.

It’s the only place with love,
where else would love be?
Love is at the top all the way above your heart!
But mostly, love would be in your home and family.
Home is a cozy place to sleep at night,
with all the walls around you, there’s no fright!
When it’s morning around your home, look at all the light!
It’s a beautiful day to play with a kite!

When you eat dinner with your family, it brings a lot of joy!
Dinner looks so delicious, oh boy!

I always love my home and family,
even in home, you could watch TV!
Home is as big as the sky!
When you’re home it’s so happy here,
you can’t even cry!
We love home,
and it’s special.