Grade 6


Sweet Home

Sweet Home
A Home is not a building but where you stay and play with your siblings all day,
You will not feel hurt in any good or bad ways.

Where you live is full of memories,
But don’t forget those journeys.

If you are sad,
You have your parents to make you glad.

In a home you have a room to stay,
That is better in some different ways.

It is where you belong,
Within a minute it will make you strong.

Celebrating your birthday at home,
It’s better than to celebrate them alone.

Home is where you grow,
You will become a pro.

You will feel the emotions,
There will be a lot of motions.

You are, you will, you always be loved,
Almost like everything that is in the list above.

A house is where you live permanently,
You live differently.

It is your destination,
Where you express Imagination.

Every home is unique,
Even where you can feel weak.
Home is a place where you can’t express your feelings. You can just be yourself. You always have your parents with you. Just be grateful that you have a beautiful home to live in, to stay, and have a wonderful journey.