Grade 5


Sweet Home

A home is where I stay,
A home is the most secured place ever,
A home is where the blanket makes you warm,
A home is where you could have parties,
A home is where I am respected,
A home is where I am loved,
A home is where everything happens,
and home is where I play.

A house is strong as a
The furniture is as soft as a pillow,
The food is hot as a
A home is as hot as a beach,
And a home is as fabulous as the,

The house is a museum!
My home is a
PARK, and my home
is a library.

I saw the house standing
I saw the house opening,
It’s mouth when everybody goes in the house,
I saw the house eating When the garage opened.

I see my family members,
I feel warmth, happiness and
I taste food and hunger,
I hear noises,
and I smell BBQ and chicken