Grade 5


Sweet Home

Home Is Where Memories Come To Mind,
And where I Am Mostly Kind .
Everyday When I Come Home,
My Family Is There; I’m Never Alone.

Often I’m Happy But Sometimes I’m Sad,
My Sisters Sometimes Annoy Me, And I Get Mad.
I Am Thankful For My Family, My Food, And My Home,
When I See People Without A Home, My Heart Feels Like Stone.

My Home Is Where I Sleep And Eat,
And Do My Homework Sheet By Sheet.
Seeing Smiles On My Family,
I Sit On The Sofa Lazily.

Excitedly, I smell The Tasty Dinner My Mom Is Making
And Wait For The Great Cookies I’m Soon To Be Tasting.
I Go To My Room And Lay,
I Love My Home. It Brightens My Day.