Grade 4


Sushi Home

On the first layer, the rice, is where your family is. Every bunch of rice is your family. One bunch is your dad, another your mom, a smaller bunch could be your younger brother or sister. A bigger bunch of rice, could even be your older brother or sister. And maybe there could be one more bunch of rice, a pet! The rice layer, is the most important part of the sushi home.

Next is the seaweed, the part that when it touches your tongue, it softens. That part is like the warmness in your house, like when you’re in bed, the blanket, wrapping you up.

Last of all, is the very middle of the sushi. The meat. The meat is like the love, the love from your house, the love from each and every person you know. Every piece of meat is like every bit of love.

Now that you’ve made a sushi home, you can enjoy it with feeling.