Grade 4




One cold sunny day, there was a homeless man who lived on the streets. Every single day he begged people to give him money to get food so he that he could live because he had a very hard life. One day, he was walking on the road, hungry and exhausted, he spotted a bag on the side of the road.

He picked up the bag and wondered who that bag belonged to. He was curious to see what was in the bag. He looked around but saw no one. He opened up the bag and to his surprise, he found money in the bag along with some papers. He was hungry and homeless so he thought about keeping the money and throwing the bag in the garbage.

“Should I keep the money or return the bag to its owner”, he asked himself. He thought and thought. He did not want to be greedy and selfish. He thought about the person who lost it, what if he was looking for it right now. He finally decided to take the bag with the money and papers to the police station.

When he reached the police station, he handed in the bag to the police. To his surprise, there was a reward for the person who found the bag. The bag belonged to a government employee and the bag had important papers and money in it.

The homeless man received the reward for his honesty. He had enough money to find a small home to live in. He was also offered a small job due to his honesty. The homeless man finally got a chance to start a new life with a nice new cozy home.