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Story of Home.

Home is a place I feel loved and cared for, and home is a safe place. My life at home is good… but some don’t have a good life at home. Do you have a good life at home? Home is a place with family for me I love my home and my family. what is home for you? If it’s not the best you can talk to a school adult and if you don’t go to school talk to your coworker. I know my mom is on my side and my dad I love my family. Do you love your family? My life is not perfect if your life is not perfect don’t be sad your family and friend’s love you so if somebody says no body like’s you don’t be sad someone like’s you like family. What dos home mean to you for me it’s family! Cos my family is everything to me. Dos your family mean a lot to you? My home is a place I fell sported, and I can be myself. Do you fell the way I fell at home? I’m happy when I get to go home.

I feel bad for the poor I want to donate so much money they need it more than me if everyone lived in a home

None shod be cold on the road and die in the cold. I’m lucky to live in a home.