Grade 5


Spending Time with my Family at Home

When I go home, I spend time with my family. We like watching movies, playing board games, and playing hide and seek. Sometimes we might go for walks with my dog. My dog’s name is Buddy. He is part of my family. He is a black, brown and white fluffy dog. Buddy has blue eyes. Sometimes when I take Buddy out for walks he chases squirrels. I spend time with Buddy at home. When we go to bed I put pajamas on him. I also have a sister. She is 8 years old. She has blue eyes and she has long blond hair. Me and my sister walk to school
together. After school me and my sister go to the park. When I take my dog out for a walk my sister comes. When I go to the store my mom comes with me. My mom has red hair and brown eyes. My mom is 35 years old. When me and my mom go to the store we buy pizza, hot dogs, oatmeal, and we also buy our favorite type of food which is lasagne. I also have a dad. I don’t get to see him that much because he
works all day. When it’s bedtime my dad gets back from work and he comes and tucks me in. The only time that Dad doesn’t have to go to work is on the weekends. On the weekends me, Buddy, sister, Mom, and my dad go to the pool. If the pool is closed, then we play in our backyard. I love spending time with my family at home.