Grade 6


Somewhere to be free

Somewhere to be Free

What is a home to me?
It is somewhere where you can be.
Somewhere where you’re happy,
with friends and family.
A home can be your favorite place,
with siblings that you can race.

Some place where you won’t worry,
Where you’ll think good thoughts and be happy.

When you think of home,
You could think of a place where you have grown.

But when you think of a house,
you might have doubts.
About how it looks or if it’s clean,
And you’ll probably always be on your screen.

Yet not all people have a place to be,
Nowhere to be free.
Nowhere to stay,
To sleep uncomfortable or have no birthday.
It’s really sad,
And it’s really bad.

But Charities try to make it change,
By asking us to put our hearts into a page.
I write this poem for people to read,
To help a homeless person or family,
So everyone can have somewhere to be free.