Grade 6


Someplace To Be

Home is the place I like to be,
always there with my family.
Home is the place for me to stay,
during all times like night and day.
It is a happy place to keep me warm,
hiding me away from a raging storm.
Everyone should have one just like me,
maybe make yours out of a tree.
Me and my family just chilling there,
nothing bad will give us a scare.
I’m pretty happy here, not going to lie,
but poverty is a big thing, but hope never dies.
How much longer will I make this?
Not very long that’s sure.
People without homes in winter might say brr…
I should brighten things up a bit,
but all your opinions may be split.
My house might go up to a grander scale,
but wait, we just got the mail.
I hope everyone has a home to stay at,
maybe I could give them a little doormat.
I don’t want this rhyme to be long,
maybe I’m doing this all wrong.
I don’t know how long this rhyme is supposed to be,
but just let me be with my family.