Grade 5

British Columbia

snake Man

To me home makes me feel safer than envy other place because in your own home and know wherels. Home is a place where you can go to sleep in your own bed and can have a warm home. Homes have Love,warmth,strength and more but mostly Love. when I open my eyes I remember that I’m in my own home and I will be there for a long and i don’t have to wery about going for some time. I think that home is the number one place that you can be at because home is the safest place in the world. When you want to buy a home you have to bleaven yourself. It is joy in a home,its the best spot in the world. Home is the one place that I would want to be because home is safe and worme. When people open their eyes they’re probably in there own bed but if not that is very sad so I think that all people should have a home. To me, home is a place that people should be after work so they can relax.